KOJI Airdrop to Tosa holders

When we started the koji.earth project, we knew we had some work to do. Most of our dev team met each other in the Tosa telegram channel trying to revive this dead token.

Category 1: Wallets over 10 Billion Tosa

If you had over 10B Tosa, take the amount over 10B and multiply that number by .00000004932, and that will be your buyback credit amount we will be converting KOJI into. These amounts are capped at $500 credit. Then, take your credit and divide that by .00000085 (the tentative public sale price of KOJI). This is your first KOJI amount.

Category 2: Wallets with 10 Billion Tosa and under

For people in this category, you will divide your Tosa amount by 10, and then multiply that by (.0000004932 / .00000075) or .6576. This is your total KOJI airdrop amount.

Vesting period

All airdrop amounts will actually be put into a vesting contract, and your KOJI will be redeemable from those contracts on our website. The vesting period will be 3–6 months depending on the amount of KOJI in your airdrop. We can tell you right now that wallets at the 1B cap will be vested for 6 months. We may do 3 months on wallets 500 million KOJI and under. Again, this is to protect all investors equally. Once our public sale has completed, we will deploy the vesting contracts to the network so your KOJI balance can start to accumulate.

Final List

Here is the final list. Please find your wallet in the list to get your final KOJI airdrop amount. We understand not everyone will be happy, however this is the best we could do given the circumstances. We are airdropping a total of $32,118 worth of KOJI to our community as our first act of charity, which is about half of the total money we raised in presale. Our hope is that this airdrop will help those who lost money with Tosa, and we also hope those recipients will support us in the future.

KOJI is the token of the people. It is a distributed, worldwide, decentralized digital token, designed to unite the earth population by helping those in need