KOJI Airdrop to Tosa holders

5 min readApr 24, 2021


When we started the koji.earth project, we knew we had some work to do. Most of our dev team met each other in the Tosa telegram channel trying to revive this dead token.

How would we bring this broken community along with us on our journey? Could our first act of charity be to the ones who lost money on Tosa when the developer ran off? Or the ones who came in later believing we could pick up the pieces, but ultimately not being able to because the wallet keys for the original contract were gone?

Lots of people lost money. One community member lost 6.5 Eth in the Tosa fiasco. So we had to come up with a plan: we would do an airdrop.

Originally, and enthusiastically, we wanted to keep the total supply the same and do a 1:1 airdrop. The snapshot was taken, and off we went working on other aspects of our new project. However once we started working on the tokenomics of KOJI, it became very clear we had a problem:

The size of the airdrop was absolutely massive.

In planning the total supply of KOJI, we figured 10 Trillion was too much and the community wanted a reduced supply. So we decided on 1 Trillion, thereby reducing the airdrop numbers by a factor of 10. Still, the airdrop accounted for 11.5% of the new supply, and that just wouldn’t work. There’s no way we could justify to new investors, who would maybe get .5% to 1% of the total supply by purchasing tokens in a public sale, yet certain airdrop wallets would receive the same amount or more for free. So we had to make some concessions.

Number one, no developer who held Tosa would be getting an airdrop. We cut ourselves completely out of the picture. Next we pared down the airdrop amounts by using the following methods:

Our first “haircut” to certain airdrop wallets was this:

Any wallet over 10B Tosa would be capped, and the amount over cap would be purchased back from those wallets at Tosa snapshot market price, capped at $500 USD.

So if you had 20B Tosa, 10B worth of that we are converting into a dollar value, but capped at $500. The market price of Tosa at snapshot was .00000004932 USD. Then we are taking this $ value and converting it into KOJI at public sale price.

This cut down on the airdrop considerably, yet we still found ourselves airdropping 7% of the new token supply. This was still too large. So the second haircut was this: Of the remaining tokens under cap (10B), the new amount you will receive is:

(Your amount / 10) * (Tosa snapshot market price / KOJI presale price).

This way you are getting a true 1:1 market value price for your old tokens, compared to the presale price of KOJI. It’s really the best we can do under the circumstances.

So to figure out your airdrop amount, you are in one of two categories. Here they are laid out below:

Category 1: Wallets over 10 Billion Tosa

If you had over 10B Tosa, take the amount over 10B and multiply that number by .00000004932, and that will be your buyback credit amount we will be converting KOJI into. These amounts are capped at $500 credit. Then, take your credit and divide that by .00000085 (the tentative public sale price of KOJI). This is your first KOJI amount.

Now for the remaining 10B in your wallet, you will divide your amount by 10, and then multiply that by (.0000004932 / .00000075) or .6576. This is your second KOJI amount.

Now you take those two amounts and them up. If your amount is over 1B KOJI total (Capped amount reimbursement + actual airdrop) then you are capped at 1B total. No wallet in the airdrop will be receiving more than 1B KOJI. This is to protect all investors.

Category 2: Wallets with 10 Billion Tosa and under

For people in this category, you will divide your Tosa amount by 10, and then multiply that by (.0000004932 / .00000075) or .6576. This is your total KOJI airdrop amount.

Vesting period

All airdrop amounts will actually be put into a vesting contract, and your KOJI will be redeemable from those contracts on our website. The vesting period will be 3–6 months depending on the amount of KOJI in your airdrop. We can tell you right now that wallets at the 1B cap will be vested for 6 months. We may do 3 months on wallets 500 million KOJI and under. Again, this is to protect all investors equally. Once our public sale has completed, we will deploy the vesting contracts to the network so your KOJI balance can start to accumulate.

Final List

Here is the final list. Please find your wallet in the list to get your final KOJI airdrop amount. We understand not everyone will be happy, however this is the best we could do given the circumstances. We are airdropping a total of $32,118 worth of KOJI to our community as our first act of charity, which is about half of the total money we raised in presale. Our hope is that this airdrop will help those who lost money with Tosa, and we also hope those recipients will support us in the future.

Disclaimer: if for some reason you feel your amount is wrong, or we missed something, please don’t harass us in the main telegram chat. Quietly DM a moderator or admin and we will assist you in private.

The following amounts are in KOJI:

0x0dcba32d987e1187d68120b0463ae1ca7843220e 1,000,000,000 0x2d5304ba4f2c6eff5d53cecf64af89818a416cb9 1,000,000,000 0x400c50daa32e01febbd4b9258ea347fd60741941 1,000,000,000 0xf722257617a1b05d3bb0643327fb352d1b3b9c8e 1,000,000,000 0x0c039185458aa5b0cc2ea31bee0952c09536c596 1,000,000,000 0xb4aed39de015aa33cdcde8a4692d86d86bcc8b62 1,000,000,000 0x0cde9394256015b45fcfcb7973457dde4ad4ccdb 1,000,000,000 0xb1cba87bde8330493afb0ac06f58f046c9c32439 1,000,000,000 0x8d33ff0612ccda7d1f15135254d3d80356a78846 1,000,000,000 0x4e9ae9878b84bf741dcf93d5143655e5be4dcfce 1,000,000,000 0xeacccdf1487ed0ce4bc1f57526e1c9a789b1a5af 1,000,000,000 0x799846cb378ee3e63233358944b481bc3f7d4713 1,000,000,000 0xf5d1ddc88841197c59de3f8e4d5a3d50695380ec 1,000,000,000 0x326e99add8d8f0e7356b94122f7530d6c5a58de3 1,000,000,000 0x11f8afdff1412635618cd56a718e5e4eaeff4a93 1,000,000,000 0x9a090f6774cf2db4ff8f25be60d7461ab63af49a 1,000,000,000 0xe82168baa6d5e1f4055c36ff8b8d933df6260673 974,257,752 0x08103e240b6be73e29319d9b9dbe9268e32a0b02 842,539,276 0x2d99500811b5d40a0008d400edbb2b56acc9aac1 833,758,860 0x3b7934acc085d3f7f71ee9076a53314fb6848b83 825,716,914 0x06387250dbad53f2e60d3119802a0402f2844aec 819,968,506 0xca9bcd4585d4399a2aa2fa75286664d1d659709b 804,596,773 0x85c4b658ae01b9e445cc941a6183894758598668 792,641,860 0x6a53d3ec26b001e12e69e77bfa40df8f96531708 736,519,685 0x5dd6353af5a5279b042ce148b124e38d06de08c1 714,386,934 0x5c92c0384c6cef69a3cb1fec3a53c4ce8aa196c4 686,693,554 0x8f820668304a1ebb2333f048a10e33215d88c397 675,247,059 0xb91dd02dc2506af0669e9b2791561984b51bd67f 656,968,820 0x7a53efce4fddbe07be64ee1dbe9a6d28481e382c 655,889,515 0xa5a37dc21c3d7e44baa694c5e849fdf0275b05b7 602,193,962 0x09ee31b0ece16e631c56b8af258a7998c96009fe 585,898,092 0x6d6bc04243af63dc9719d4a7702a9135f190e5de 550,752,282 0x75436b4bb4b20197b2a6789ed2e3784c4d496490 547,446,838 0x051868e895f1514ab74a35da86f62f71239bb08d 533,456,434 0x759dd44817d3cf72a8218f63c4aac7fae54a9caa 485,984,242 0x8a257ff4e4e778a8c83073e62bdaf41ff558c269 477,495,170 0xb0a93517cfb5e5c85f54456f085206e0f521a021 469,569,952 0xe4449853e77f8258b5bfb872c6d4799e125d29ff 465,664,315 0x847b7269c22bbce58935ad02b8f47c4434490d16 435,606,567 0xaa9baa8df0d79b6d5ea4211595bcd92e9298d315 428,703,938 0xa7ffbb1853c65a15e4ab6717bf783727352d39f1 401,553,203 0x24e819589ee65d63398915d1675abcc9829cdd3a 400,945,275 0x0d1e872f537d4811047c50db71ec93d630cb6c3b 400,403,930 0x7401f303867212848ad2e9805e209f43207a2950 378,074,537 0x7a7d7f1f829943ad2f285ee404eef3fb6dfd82f6 378,029,641 0x5e97be9ea11ace2692fbc3fcc13d92b2dd680ecb 346,573,219 0xbe390d387af430efbdb4d72bb0ddf89cb33b951e 329,574,818 0xb80ad33fbbd0dc31a5d87b734399ae96eef93c48 324,657,651 0x52481e643cfd5efc830db3af1c0c199e5d5ca802 303,854,992 0x315974238d2d99da27a4c36050d2a19dee1d775b 301,047,246 0xaa72aca1ed89c221351231f887858b40bb568a68 285,933,464 0x0aab99605206fd6a93ed1142fe3ed09b0dd3db94 280,382,156 0x78f28534affeb8a5ea521b70c99ae044e94bc08e 263,040,000 0x3bd044d4fb2896b387b17ac947ca6736e9d9bf5d 262,298,132 0x3817cf0dfd588c8d66dc8c2af9822761d22183d8 256,604,443 0xfc7b86cca8bc329ea500135f129d4259690ef258 248,158,145 0x3f4fc7a05971cd8ddf8ae0487d12bc15d4805f8f 237,482,094 0x83b4e2a993cd6d810e73a250c67538860424516b 189,049,842 0x9e358bd0d0970d2aa2d5fac92970555321a82562 167,373,640 0x2f0f35be5724a2e2a0c2554dea2c571f91c2cf8c 165,114,351 0xae90180b7a73b77afd27fa959433cba29ecaafd0 159,537,722 0xb56c0ea9a9ef85a56abc885a314987eaf0c44381 158,474,933 0xb168eceffdfa12cca7a6b420877abd99a121c689 158,243,028 0x84f0a7680b7bd0fb81186ecc2500b55ba401fda0 157,876,914 0xe3d636631335453d6b66a542be28d86fb24812c2 152,078,420 0x91e4b884e2fbebcf86c3642e011e9c84e84bb809 144,905,661 0xcd4cc483f9df144cc7dd3c70dbccdc2a5551a330 141,892,104 0x945757b48f05f9e4e2bd54e25ce801179d79508a 136,554,132 0xea20a82d4bc6435ffce8b0629f83bc1379e9632f 134,830,046 0x9983a7ec07df40db2117f2077ffbba7a21fb576f 131,520,000 0xf6f80a7485bba53208e1bfb5a0c9f40ff8071f98 126,519,483 0xf46e87177bf435804154c6bc3b71f6e3863ca90d 123,502,098 0x243875b144ad0ae97e2875a09745e7709cff42ca 123,024,556 0x5edd81949604c74e984ee3424a72c6733df463d3 122,444,562 0x2116455a067b22887caf8aadcdd104340323540c 113,955,872 0x8bd230ce7072396c0849a5ea737233888002bbca 112,423,509 0xa8e100fdd107cfea8ce08fb6f23d68a62c164463 110,365,551 0x9cc5f1f67813e484c08fccdc32c4b9089c4c8807 102,036,282 0xeed5ca9c53595f62de2cc8fddbfa803699832449 101,641,231 0x96f2a635af1b9eb4dbea95fb889e84c467247eff 99,274,781 0xcc2aeb5f16ea07dddbdde04215f5b0ddcd33a884 99,155,236 0x2f65bed825cfe0d9f0b4dae9a4f9d28757a98b04 97,424,938 0xf374739aaf4095e1015a47085a6ff1cbdbbf6a6b 96,996,000 0x8efbf32e8837a860af0ec38af2ab3a01bc58420e 93,176,026 0xdf3c8bb650891be123986c35e4e6d3fd0e42b903 89,409,500 0x35dd44e9c44a458e8b0111bf6fda7de43702fe57 88,278,701 0x73a977d7852077b670f792951e4e76d0a118d66f 88,182,126 0x8a805fbf949c9cd109520df8c6a58db77081162e 83,831,170 0x011a05f0d0ee46a84b9d0a5cfb2158ae6cc0b4b9 82,894,466 0x7b49af3ffc9f5b50bd96174092b411278a15c6fd 78,435,228 0x28cf88cda75a0fe0a2b9facb436c778017a9afc5 72,386,710 0x208d136ff668dd7b072793bcc59de145089f70de 68,302,755 0xd5fd26e0f3b2f5e8a0bb6e08e843ac16ee81ae53 64,528,555 0xbcea65f1c2de557e0c6386fd9a5833273f091bd1 60,239,013 0x22101508dfd0552ad356bd204ff8e59593d4310a 58,581,170 0xb21315d2d359d40cd7d225ea38154d59468acbf3 57,051,481 0x15e8d58106aa7eaaddad9eb40b5de6d97ee07c68 52,608,000 0x2d0210dcca7962de97e8f78a55988409a18f01f4 52,320,321 0xa0c85be530450eea051971dcdc91607ac7e3aac9 50,770,526 0xd2e08af92f6b3bdad2dcf52ce37c315294a91841 50,466,354 0x7b9081b9d291218cf0cd90d388becbaed3d9b488 48,563,945 0x6f28ee2ae6b31d23d6380ad6a3019ea8be98b94f 47,065,772 0xa06530cf26ee5f6fe5aa2001f7b0eff5f33cfc2b 46,883,629 0x5cfcd0928867dd0cba6d082e1a7c03447226f575 46,026,027 0x40c808b0e40b3da8ccfadd15381227b429d07383 45,111,094 0x717db1b6115ddb8435cabb5e4921c8b216bb42e8 44,367,030 0x5d37e05550c1571f3c5c319025745c53561812b4 43,845,790 0x7180e344f5596171b1a0f0bffd42e389300a4822 39,459,879 0xea7af3c0c74513f065477e53f219638b2e286ea9 38,193,875 0x3938d6f4b96614dbdd0867b959ea0e6cd55174ed 36,690,301 0x6e742a53b33934a2cb10a534369a0ef386c2b865 35,778,414 0x46fab85ac9a997704ed36eb3c41bd97dafeda316 33,728,033 0xfc5f654268542f77bfb0b23fa3adf13469c28aab 33,561,898 0xa323409290097e216e8e835ff688f27126638336 32,383,000 0xee4ff6a0f5fe9def8c6a9fc435719d9c6df7bbe8 29,326,338 0x5551bdf7c0264befcd5a2f82e38e52d2f0285b37 25,777,941 0x1a98a3785aed42ebe7f92c321c36814ba40838ef 22,676,453 0x7c9b98b3b7989521f4258e91b1461dbf9469d645 19,031,007 0x0e25a31f98a9a574cc0b0d3040f1fa7db830c2bf 17,882,444 0x406ade03b23de885d770861cbe9e0f1d3c0c9202 17,595,915 0xf645d14ba0bb034b86a42aa195e6b2c6589ddb47 16,225,731 0xcd14fc2f9af26a420a25f81a450ac0f2509335b8 14,634,556 0x1c43a9a7f5ca3955424b44d1dc34e3b20cf11e94 12,889,143 0x40297332e77d4b3d32cd272b3d9ef1ff6f08f467 11,617,607 0x750925e9d819a86dc86b680d61b3f23002431bcf 11,460,074 0x8317a3b490d6c5fb08d3039a33e8df42d3d5bf52 7,560,528 0x53da10fe2d0d98c1761d76115144894cfe0fce31 5,859,933 0x72ea7398ca26a792d9c166c0e3dcf341c7606e9b 4,855,927 0xf63935ed8c500ab0512a89e43d390c32969e2b3a 4,528,038 0x22c4b13286c59b882329d342be93af0c9c6cb584 4,406,934 0xe42ea7ac757457fb0cf0f00f556663816a7c0aef 3,993,655 0xc49fa21cb0e4fff420cc3c54cbfd3f640cc90b92 2,569,086

Tosa Audit and Airdrop methodology spreadsheet




KOJI is the token of the people. It is a distributed, worldwide, decentralized digital token, designed to unite the earth population by helping those in need